I’m very very happy that I have stayed with him in handling my Immigration Cases which provided Great Results and always given me updates throughout the whole process

Atty. Avelino provides excellent services to my Immigration case. He will promptly answer all your concerns to his best knowledge whether by email or he will call you on your phone by himself. I have experiences with other Immigration Lawyers but the best I can get is to speak with their representatives, unlike Attorney Avelino, he will always be the one to speak and explain to you all your concerns and always on top of the situation. I’m very very happy that I have stayed with him in handling my Immigration Cases which provided Great Results and always given me updates throughout the whole process. I am highly recommending the Law Offices of Attorney Avelino to anybody looking for a great Immigration Lawyer. More Power to You Attorney Avelino!!! And Thank You Very Very Much for Your Outstanding Service!!!

-Antonio Mojal Jr.

Flawless processing of my Green Card application from start to finish.

-Arvi Pacoy

For those of you seeking for a great and trusted Lawyer, Attorney Irwin Avelino is HIGHLY recommended!

An Excellent Lawyer. He will work hard on your case. Good in communication and double check everything on your file before submitting it. For those of you seeking for a great and trusted Lawyer, Attorney Irwin Avelino is HIGHLY recommended!

He is very responsive and gives you good advice on every step

I am very satisfied of Irwin M. Avelino services. He is very responsive and gives you good advice on every step, especially when you need special problem about immigration. He cares and helps a lot.

– Kun Setiono

Provided us with the pros and cons and his recommendations for each options and answered all our emails and calls in a timely manner.

Top Notch Personalized Service. Excellent Lawyer. Highly recommended. Atty. Avelino has been with us every step of the way. Very reliable and honest. He personally talked to us about our case. Provided us with the pros and cons and his recommendations for each options and answered all our emails and calls in a timely manner. Kudos to you attorney!

-H. Yu

He showed his sincere care ever since the first time we spoke on the phone, during the process, and until the cases were approved.

Attorney Avelino helped our family with our immigration cases, all with shorter approval times than we had initially expected. He showed his sincere care ever since the first time we spoke on the phone, during the process, and until the cases were approved. I spoke with many Immigration Attorneys before decided to hire Attorney Avelino to petition our cases because of his genuine passion in helping people, is responsive to all your questions, would talk to you personally, and is proven to be up to date with the ever-changing U.S. immigration law. We are fortunate to have known Attorney Avelino and would not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone needing a great immigration attorney. Once again, thank you!

– Sugiri Halim

Even though the odds were against me on my case, he was able to solve it and at an affordable price.

Atty Avelino has been with me every step of the way. He is an expert on his field. Even though the odds were against me on my case, he was able to solve it and at an affordable price. He communicates clearly and quickly. I’ve emailed him on Sunday nights and he replies in minutes. He always returns phone calls quickly as well. He is honest and told me about the pros and cons regarding my case and the different stages I will go through. Now thanks to him, I have my green card. I tried one of the famous attorneys in the Filipino community that shows up in television but was disappointed with the service and too pricey. Thanks to atty Avelino for doing an impressive job and at an affordable price. I highly recommend him to those seeking immigration assistance.


Personal and Thorough

I rank Atty. Avelino’s business with me very personal and thorough. Every question and concern I came up with, he was able to answer and notify me about the status of my case. He does not leave his work to chance, as he is constant in his follow up with immigration. I would endorse him to anyone I personally care about so you can be sure you are making the right choice in picking him to represent you.


Excellent Lawyer From Start To Finish

Atty. Irwin Avelino was an excellent lawyer from start to finish. Before each step of the process he was clear in explaining his role, what he would be doing, and what I was to expect or needed to do. He was always very professional in appearance and conduct. His experience along with the time and work he put into my case was excellent.”

– J. Yapcengco

Excellent Communication And Expertise

I truly appreciate the excellent job that Atty. Irwin Avelino provided. Kudos to Mr. Avelino’s excellent communication and expertise. Finally, I got my employment based-green card. I have recommended him to my friends and will continue to do so.


He Is Up Front, Honest, Reliable, And Is Super Quick

I feel very lucky to have Atty. Irwin Avelino as my lawyer. I became his client around 2006 for my work visa and was so impressed by his dedication and service that I remained his client until I finally got my Green Card. He personally talks to me regarding my case, and provides options with its pros and cons plus his recommendations. He is up front, honest, reliable, and is super quick in replying to emails or returning calls and keeping me updated on things about my case. I highly recommend his top notch service.


He Ensured That Every Last Detail Was Taken Care

Atty. Irwin Avelino was knowledgeable, professional and very friendly to work with through our immigration process. He ensured that every last detail was taken care of before we submitted an application so there were no hold-ups during the processing time. With his help, everything was taken care of four months earlier than we expected. I would recommend Atty. Irwin Avelino to anyone seeking legal help with their immigration issues.


He Is Knowledgeable, Honest, Straight Forward, And Thorough.

Irwin Avelino handled my case from my H1B visa all the way to green card status. He is knowledgeable, honest, straight forward, and thorough. He always has the time to discuss my case personally, not through a paralegal or assistant.  He shows and explains all my available options with its pros and cons and of course his recommendation.  He is always on top of my case and keeps me updated on what’s going on 100% of the time.  I always get a reply to my email inquiries within a few hours regardless of its relevance.  They understand the urgency of my application and are super fast in processing and submitting it.  He does the extra step to help you on your case.  I have recommended him to my friends and they too were very pleased with his exceptional service.  I am so lucky to have him as my immigration lawyer.


He Guides You Every Step Of The Way.

Atty Irwin will always keeps me inform of any developments relating to my case. He guides you every step of the way. He shows real and honest concern about your case and he appreciates and knows the value of getting family reunited. He is very flexible and will listen to your concerns and will advise the best solution every time. I thank him for the wonderful job he did for my case.


He Is A Lawyer With A GOOD HEART

I am one of Irwin’s first set of clients as soon as he passed the bar 6 yrs. ago. He is a lawyer with a GOOD HEART, and who willingly provides efficient and effective counsel in due time. He is very responsive and communicates well in all areas of immigration law.


His Services Were Indispensable

Irwin Avelino provided friendly and efficient assistance with our Green Card application. His services were indispensable to us and we would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and experienced immigration lawyer.


I Will Recommend To All Of The People Who Is Reading This Review, Trust Me He Is The Best, Simply…

I was in India, when I referred to him from my prospective employer to get his services in regards to my H1B visa (NIV). I hired him for my services, then I had doubts regarding his authenticity and trustworthiness, since I didn’t meet him personally. As time passed my doubts were all gone, he was very trustworthy and kept me informed on my every step and his every steps too. Thank God, I found him, I will always hire him, if need be in future, very genuine, I will recommend to all of the people who is reading this review, trust me he is the Best, simply…


He Will Tell You Upfront If Your Case Has A Chance Or Not. He Will Not Give You False Promises.

I highly recommend Atty. Avelino. He handled my case personally. I didn’t have to go through a paralegal. He took care of my case himself, and I’m glad he did. My Visa got approved only after a few months. Atty Avelino is very honest and reliable. He’s not after your money. He’ll tell you upfront if your case has a chance or not. He’ll not give you false promises. Thank you, Atty. More blessings!


My EB5 Was Approved In Less Than 5 Months

Attorney Irwin M. Avelino was extremely helpful in doing my EB5 case. He is almost always available and on the spot every time I needed help. Not only did he answer or return his calls, but he would take time to consoled and explained things to me over the phone, of what I needed to do, and prepared me of how the extensive process would be. This is a quality that is rare to find in other attorneys! =) The professionalism, commitment, and personalized services he gave to each of his case are what a client could only ask for. His fees are reasonable compared to other attorneys, and his goal in mind is to have a speedy, approved case each time. He only had shown confidence and expertise from the get-go. My EB5 was approved in less than 5 months, and got my actual green card in less than 7 months. I’m glad Irwin Avelino handled my immigration cases right from the start, from getting H-1B to an approved EB5. I will only recommend you to anybody looking for an immigration attorney!


Atty. Avelino Was With Us Every Step Of The Way

The immigration process became more bearable because Atty. Avelino was with us every step of the way. We can reach him any time of the day, any day of the week. My wife and I are very grateful for all your services.

– EM

Your Knowledge Of Immigration Law And Procedure, Along With Your Attention To Detail And Expertise Are Superb!

Thank you so much for handling my mom’s case personally. Her green card got approved in 3 ½ months only!

Words hardly seem enough to express our heartfelt thanks for all your help and support on her case. Your knowledge of immigration law and procedure, along with your attention to detail and expertise are superb!

As always, I will gladly recommend your services to anyone’s immigration needs!


It Gives You Confidence Knowing That The Person Handling Your Case Really Knows His Stuff

My uncle recommended the services of Attorney Avelino and I never doubted even one bit.   Throughout the whole process up until my case was approved, everything was on point on how he handled my case.    He will prep you as if that is the actual interview itself and amazingly that’s how it pretty much went down with mine.    It gives you confidence knowing that the person handling your case really knows his stuff and I thank you Attorney Irwin for giving me the confidence.    More power to you Attorney Irwin and the rest of your staff and I would definitely recommend your services.  Keep up the good work and God Bless!

-Marc D, OC

Three Months After We Hired Atty. Irwin Avelino, I Got My Permanent Resident Card

My petition and adjustment of status was filed (handled) by a different attorney. For almost three years, the only updates we received were either it’s under review or massive review.

Then by November, of last year we received a letter from the INS.  The letter stated that our marriage was not bona fide, and that it’s only for immigration purposes.  They asked us to submit additional documents again to prove that our marriage is true and bona fide. My husband and I are married and living together for five 5 years now this April 08, 2010.

Again when my relative heard about it, Atty. Irwin Avelino’s name was mentioned once more. At this time my husband was looking for another lawyer to represent us. There were lawyers referred to us by our friends, but then I told him why don’t we try this young lawyer referred to me. My husband agreed, but he wanted to see and talk to him first. So I called the number given to me and made an appt. to Atty. Avelino. After we have talked to Atty. Avelino, after a few question and answers, Atty. Avelino agreed to handle and represent us on our case. The reason was he believed in us, and that the marriage is real and bona fide. Atty. Avelino trusted us and we gave our trust in him.

Three months after we hired Atty. Irwin Avelino, I got my Permanent Resident Card already.  Atty. Irwin Avelino maybe young, but he knows his field and he knows what he’s doing and he’s smart too.

I believed in my heart that GOD sent Atty.Irwin Avelino to us.


Personalized Service

Atty. Avelino is the only lawyer I know that will explain every detail of your case personally.  He is approachable, knowledgeable, honest and dependable.  He always keeps in touch with his client.  He is so patient that even if you ask him the same question over and over again, you wouldn’t feel that he gets tired of answering the same question.  You can talk to him as long as you want. I’m glad that he is my lawyer.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends.


Unparalleled Professional Legal Services

I can’t fully express in words my gratitude to Atty. Avelino for providing us unparalleled professional legal services and is one of the reasons why I continue to refer friends and co-workers who are in need of an outstanding attorney.

– Grace, Glendale

Green Card In 3 Months! Yes It’s Possible!

My Husband and I got married April 2009. Although we had some ideas on how to file the petition, we were still having some doubts on our ability to do it and so we considered a professional to do the work. Of course, we wanted to make sure everything turns out perfectly.

We’re so glad we met with Atty. Avelino. He was very thorough on every single detail of the whole process. We were very comfortable working with him. To make the long story short, I got my green card in just 3 short months. We even took a vacation to Hawaii while Atty. Avelino was processing our case. Really great service! Plus, you work with him directly throughout the entire process.

His work is superb and seamless and I will recommend him without any reservations to anyone and everyone who needs services in the immigration area!!

– 🙂  EFPC

Best Of All, He Was Very Knowledgeable, And Was Able To Get Me My Green Card Quickly And Painlessly

I had a very good experience working with Atty Irwin Avelino to obtain my green card.  I loved that he took the time to explain the entire application process, that he was organized enough even to provide me with sample letters and ads, and that he was incredibly efficient and pro-active.  It was never necessary to follow-up with Atty Avelino.  He always took the initiative to contact me on every major milestone, and to advise me on the next steps.  He was patient in answering even repetitive questions, and he was prompt in responding to emails.  Best of all, he was very knowledgeable, and was able to get me my green card quickly and painlessly.  I highly recommend his services.

– CC

Quick, Personal And Upfront

Quick, personal and upfront.  I was so impressed in how fast they were able to process and file my papers. Atty. Irwin Avelino finds time to sit down and discuss your case personally and lets you know and understand your options upfront and what he thinks is the best way to go. Highly recommended.

– MD


You are HONEST, RELIABLE & FAST.  Atty. Avelino I appreciate all the help you extended to me & my family, we will always be grateful & you will always be highly recommended. I would say we are one of your raving fans.


It Was Much Easier Than Trying To Go It On Our Own

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you helped us with in getting my wife her permanent residency.  With your assistance it was much easier than trying to go it on our own.  We got the Permanent Residency card in only a few months, faster than what we were expecting.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  Also, thank you for the continued follow up on our case.

– KH

I Was Pleased To Recommend His Immigration Services to Family and Friends

Irwin Avelino exceeded my expectation in the way my immigration matters were handled.  He was very knowledgeable and clear in all the questions I had about TN visas, H1B, Labor PERM all the way to my adjustment of status.  He was also very detailed and organized in putting the paperwork together from start to finish.  Because of that, it was easy for me to put my trust in the way he handled my immigration concerns.  His firm is on top of every immigration updates and I like the way he updates me via e-mail before I even hear about the news myself.  Because of this experience, I was pleased to recommend his immigration services to family and friends. Thank you for help your Irwin.


I Am Very Pleased To Have Chosen Irwin Avelino For Such An Important Time In My Life.

I am very pleased to have chosen Irwin Avelino for such an important time in my life. With the laws ever-changing and wanting to get every detail right, Irwin was there to personally assist my every question and need. I’m very happy to have Irwin Avelino as my immigration attorney.

– AR

Atty Avelino Is A Lawyer With Moral Ethics

Thank you Atty for taking our case.  His service to his clients is top notch.  He personally dealt with our case.  Whenever we had questions, he was there to answer them and not pass them on to paralegals.  Atty Avelino is a lawyer with moral ethics and takes cases he knows can win.  He isn’t one of those attorneys that takes money from people and don’t hear from him again.


You Don’t Have To Pay Exorbitant Lawyer Fees To Get Great Service!

Atty. Avelino is always available for consultation, efficient, and really listens to your immigration concerns. You can rely on Atty. Avelino to give you a simple yet the best solutions to your questions. On top of that, you don’t have to pay exorbitant lawyer fees to get great service! We definitely recommend Atty. Avelino.” Kudos to you!

– NY & HP

Excellent Customer Care

I am very pleased for the excellent customer care Attorney Avelino has provided. I am kept up to date on the status of the case. I would highly recommend the law office of Irwin Avelino who wanted the best in this field. They can handle the work!


Attorney Avelino Has That Personal Touch With His Clients

All I can say is that Attorney Avelino has that personal touch with his clients and that he is always there to answer our questions.  In other words, he is unique in every way.  Thank you very much.


Everything Was Handled Properly and Timely

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Avelino and his staff for helping me on my H1B and PERM applications.  Everything was handled properly and timely.  I will highly recommend his office to anyone who needs immigration services.  Thank you.


Made It Very Simple For Me To Work In The U.S.

Atty. Avelino made it very simple for me to work in the U.S.  He explained everything in detail and was readily available to answer all my inquiries.


Rated 10 in a scale of 1-10

We’ve been to several immigration lawyers in the past but Atty. Irwin Avelino has proven to be the best for us for the following reasons:
1)  very knowledgeable in his field of work ;  a fast worker
2)  personalized service;  addresses questions and concerns promptly
3)  patient in dealing with clients
4)  professional and easy to talk to
5)    highly recommended ; rated 10 in a scale of 1-10.


Making Sure That Every Step Is Carefully Evaluated

Attorney Avelino is always looking for the best strategies in handling immigration matters and is always making sure that every step is carefully evaluated.


You’ll Have Peace Of Mind

Based on my personal experience, the Law Office of Irwin M. Avelino provides great service and advice and is just a phone call away should you have questions or concerns. They know what they’re doing and keep you updated from time to time so that you’ll have peace of mind when processing your immigration papers. Highly recommended!

– SV

It’s Good To Have a Hardworking and Dedicated Attorney Like ATTY. AVELINO

I would strongly recommend ATTY AVELINO to all of my friends and family.  He is very Efficient, Professional and competent to represent anybody regarding immigration matters.  ATTY. AVELINO listens to what his clients have to say. He lays out his strategy and meticulously prepares all the right documents.  He keeps me updated in every development in my case; you don’t have to chase him to get updates unlike my previous attorney who handled my case. I have received the approval of my H1B visa through his expertise.  It’s good to have a Hardworking and Dedicated attorney like ATTY. AVELINO he can make things happen.

– Gerald Cruz, Financial Analyst

Atty. Avelino Goes Out Of His Way to Respond To Your Questions or Inquiries

Law Offices of Irwin Avelino is the firm that you will want to handle your immigration case.  I am saying this based on my personal experience with the firm.  Attorney Irwin Avelino handled my case personally.  There was not a time when I call that I spoke to a paralegal.  Atty. Avelino goes out of his way to respond to your questions or inquiries.  If you call and he is not around, just leave a message and he will get back to you either by phone or via email if it is already late at night. Atty. Avelino works fast in processing my case.  He is also kind and considerate.


No Promises, No False Hopes. Only Quality-Guaranteed Service.

Immigration is a very serious matter. That’s why we need to choose wisely. I’ve consulted a number of lawyers but none is compared to Atty. Avelino. He’s very hands-on and I must say provides excellent customer service! With other law offices, you would be dealing with their paralegals leaving you wondering what would happen next.

No promises, no false hopes. Only quality-guaranteed service.


I was well-informed because he is always there to answer all of my immigration questions

Attorney Avelino listens very carefully to what his clients have to say and he is very honest. He tells you of the different options available to you and the advantages and disadvantages of each. I was well-informed because he is always there to answer all of my immigration questions.


Makes Sure That His Client is Full Aware of the Immigration Procedures From Beginning to End

Atty. Avelino as an immigration lawyer makes sure that his client is full aware of the immigration procedures from beginning to end.  As one of his clients with a working visa, he is always reachable and accommodating. I would say, he is worth more than what he gets paid for the services he renders.


Guides Us In Every Step And Intensively Follows Up

My family and I are highly satisfied with the Law Office of Irwin M. Avelino because of its very good customer service and responsiveness.  Irwin guides us in every step and intensively follows up on all our immigration procedures and problems.


Very Professional and Efficient

Having immigrated to the US in 1975 on a Green Card status, I received my US Citizenship through Naturalization during my years in college. Since college, I had not traveled internationally and through various housing moves, I had lost my Naturalization Certificate. In January of 2007, my job required that I travel overseas in March – unfortunately, I did not have my passport updated; and to do so it required my original copy of the Naturalization Certificate.  Through my own research, it did not look as if I would be able to make the business trip – not because of my passport; rather due to the missing Certificate required to issue an emergency passport. By referral I was connected to Irwin Avelino. Mr. Avelino assisted me in locating and retrieving a confirmed status of my Naturalization Certificate within a month (usually requiring 6 months to a year); and I was able to make my trip overseas in March of 2007. Mr. Avelino and his staff were very professional and efficient in helping me acquire the legal documents I needed to get me on my way to a very important business trip.  A warm felt thanks to Mr. Avelino and his staff!


I Treasure Your Dedication, Efficiency And Personalized Service

Thank you Irwin for your guidance, patience and help in getting my H-1 Visa, PERM and I-140 immigrant petition approved.  I treasure your dedication; efficiency and personalized service in helping me walk through the procedures of each application.  I look forward to your help in getting my adjustment of status approved.


I Would Definitely Recommend Atty. Avelino

I came to the United States in 2003 and another law firm handled my immigration papers. I was not satisfied with their services and a friend of mine referred me to Atty. Irwin Avelino.  Atty. Avelino is very honest with my case and called me personally for any updates or information regarding my immigration case. With his vast knowledge on immigration matters, I am now awaiting my GREEN CARD. I would definitely recommend Atty. Avelino to my friends…


Efficient, Professional And Friendly!

Efficient, professional and friendly! Mr. Avelino did in just a few weeks what I have been trying to achieve for the past 3 years: getting my citizenship! Thank you so much!


Atty. Avelino Has Earned My Family’s Trust and Respect

Atty. Irwin Avelino’s unmatched expertise and enthusiasm in handling my immigration case resulted in a swift and positive approval. I was very satisfied not only with the outcome but with the overall experience. Atty. Avelino has earned my family’s trust and respect and I would definitely recommend him because he is simply the best.


Superb Service and Great Results

J & R Fernandez, Inc. has experienced superb service and great results in the multiple cases that Mr. Avelino has dealt with.

– Jorge M. Fernandez, Sr.

Atty. Irwin Avelino Will Talk To You Personally

I tried a lot of immigration lawyers to work on my papers and by far Atty. Irwin Avelino is the best, unlike any other lawyers. Atty. Avelino will talk to you personally which NOT all lawyers do, Atty. Avelino has excellent customer service, he will treat you like family. With Atty. Avelino ” You’re in Good Hands”.

– Michael Diaz

Green Card In 10 Months

It may seem unbelievable but YES, me and my family got our green cards within 10 MONTHs!  While other law firms declined my case due to many restrictions and conditions by my employer, only Atty. Irwin Avelino got challenged and believed he could make things happen.  I told Atty. Avelino that I want to apply for an EB2 category.  After carefully reviewing my employer’s Company profile and my qualifications, he said, let’s do it!  The PERM got approved in one week, permanent work permit in 3 months and the green card in 10 months!  Surprisingly, he got the trust of my employer right on their first telephone conversation – he got the charm, too.  My employer was amazed and said “your lawyer did a good job”.  I thank GOD for this gift and for leading me to the Law Office of Irwin Avelino who provided us with the fastest, professional, personalized services…and the most reasonable fees in town!  I have recommended my relatives and friends to Atty. Avelino because I am assured, they are in good hands.  Thank you and more power to Atty. Irwin Avelino — you turned our dream into reality.


I Felt More Confident Since I Used The Service Of Atty. Irwin M. Avelino

I felt more confident since I used the service of Atty. Irwin M. Avelino. My I-140 was approved within a month. My I-485 was approved in less than 3 months. He personally communicates with his clients which I have not experienced with other lawyers. He does his job very well and I feel very blessed. I always recommend him to everyone I meet.


‘Accommodating and Works At Its Best’

‘Accommodating and Works at its Best’ is what impeccably describes the Law of Office of Irwin Avelino.   My family is so grateful that Atty. Avelino handled our case. Using his own wit, what we thought unfeasible became feasible. He certainly is the right person for every situation.  Keep it up Atty. Irwin Avelino!

–  SVO